The protein that gains and sustains.

Creates more space in the diet. Promotes faster weight gain. The sustainable choice for a changing world.

Empyreal 75 delivers essential and functional nutrients — and more energy. Animals eat less, but gain weight faster. This decreases the number of days on feed, which means higher productivity for the farm.

A natural, renewable, plant-based protein solution, Empyreal 75 is also the responsible choice in the new reality where sustainability has become critical — both to the planet and your profitability.


Functional benefits

  • Better extrusion that holds kibble integrity
  • Superior binding and coating
  • Expansion characteristics
  • Uniform cell structure

Excellent physical properties in water

  • Excellent pellet water stability, extending the time the feed is viable
  • Minimal nutrient leaching
  • Minimizes the need for non-nutritive and/or expensive binders in most applications

Benefits to the animal

  • A key source of essential amino acids
  • Highly digestible and low in ash
  • Makes more energy available to the animal
  • Promotes faster weight gain with less food
  • Nutritionally consistent

A consistent,
concentrate that
contains a minimum
of 75% protein.

Recommended Inclusion Levels
Salmon Up to 20%
Tilapia Up to 8%
Shrimp Up to 12%
Trout Unpigmented: Up to 8%
Pigmented: Up to 12%
Marine Species Up to 20%